• Undertake duties as requested by coach.
  • Draft parent scoring roster for season including team list and contact numbers.
  • Email fixtures to team members.
  • Ensure players and parents are informed of team training nights, venues, times and games.
  • If 8.30am home game (U7s and 9’s) arrange set up of bases on diamond, Shelters and benches for both teams etc.
  • Organise bench with team batting orders and fielding positions on match day. Degree of involvement will depend on support coach requires.
  • If 2nd home game, 10.15am (U11’s) arrange collection and return of bases (in bag supplied), shelters & benches to club storeroom after match.
  • Look after team hats, distribute and collect each week and launder when necessary.
  • Co-ordinate any team or club social activities eg photos, fun day
  • Ensure umpire available for each match.
  • Organise base coaches.
  • Pick up, distribute, collect and return team uniforms.

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